Ditherer is a VR experience produced in collaboration with Los Angeles artists Institute for New Feeling

Ditherer premiered as part of IfNf's 2016 show This is Presence at Ballroom Marfa, with additional exhibitions at Art&&Code presented by the Carnegie Mellon University Frank Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry, and M WOODS, Beijing.

"Picking up virtual products from the shelves of a warehouse transports you to a vivid dream-like world representing the narrative of the product. In the currently available scene, grabbing a virtual avocado takes you to Tom Selleck’s controversial ranch where you are bombarded by trivia and bits of avocado history, eventually ending up in a perfect recreation of GW Bush’s living room to enjoy their “famous” guacamole, in a kind of farm-to-table reverie. It’s actually even weirder than it sounds..."

— Molleindustria, Weird Reality/VIA Highlights"